Here's what people are saying about rachel's pizza bagels

"Rachel's Cosmic Cuisine Pizza Bagels are one of my absolutely favorite foods to keep on hand for parties, photoshoots, and honestly just for myself. They have been popular with both my vegan and non-vegan guests and colleagues and they are super easy to make. I actually have some in my freezer right now, though they never last long in my household!"
- Sica Schmitz, Bead & Reel  
"When going vegan there are ultimately a few childhood favorites that you just think you’ll never get to have again. Pizza Bagels were one of them but not anymore. Rachel's Pizza Bagels are a true kitchen staple." 
-Paris, Greens & Fries
Rachel’s Pizza Bagels are guaranteed to satisfy your pizza craving and are 100% cruelty free! 
-Melissa Schwartz, Vegan Revolution
I was very impressed with Rachel’s Pizza Bagels. I usually don’t like the vegan options of pizza, but these were great! I especially loved the homemade dough, just delectable! 
-Diana Lannes, Diana Lannes Photography
Rachel’s Pizza Bagels are quick, easy, and delicious. The hardest part was waiting for them to cool so I could enjoy them.
-Claire A. 
A yummy, tasty, snack food that’s free of animal products. It makes my mouth and my heart happy.
- Shannon M.
A satisfying and convenient treat without the dairy! Hard to eat just one!
-Ryan F.
I LOVE Rachel’s Pizza Bagels. They’re hearty, savory, and addictive without making you feel heavy or guilty afterward. There are a lot of foods from my childhood that I really miss; pizza bagels (especially bite-size ones) have been missing in my life for over 20 years, so it’s a joy to suddenly be reconnected to a childhood favorite, albeit in an even more delicious, wholesome, and vegan version!
-Kedar D.
Perfect snack for a party: you can hold them in one hand and enjoy the delicious taste while talking to your friends and knowing that no animal was hurt!
-Jola C.
Rachel’s Pizza Bagels remind me of my childhood. It’s so nice to be vegan and still have those comfort foods that make me smile!
-Hector T.
Rachel’s Pizza Bagels are a quick, tasty treat that will satisfy your cravings day or night.
-David B.