Hi, I’m Rachel Sloan, and I am the founder of Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine. I was born and raised in Georgia and grew up with lots of animals in my house. I’ve always looked up to my father. He is a very talented violinist, physician, and is mostly vegetarian. When I was just twelve years old, my life changed in a big way. I remember sitting next to him while I ate a burger and he ate a vegetarian meal. I asked him why he wasn’t eaten a burger with me. He explained that in high school, his teacher took his class to a slaughterhouse for a field trip. As I listened to his story, I made connections I never had before. I learned that cows were very similar to our cats and dogs, as they want to live, feel pain, sadness, and have the ability to love and enjoy life. My mind was made up. I no longer wanted to be responsible for taking away life. That very day I stopped eating cows and pigs. When people ask me what made me stop eating animals, I find great comfort in my father’s decision to tell me the truth about the pain, suffering, and abuse cows, pigs, and other animals are forced to live through before their lives are cut short.

During college, I transitioned to an all plant-based lifestyle and wanted to get active to make a larger impact for farmed animals. In 2010, I completed my bachelor’s degree at California State University San Marcos in Human Development with an emphasis on Health Services. Along with my college curriculum, I attended numerous nutrition and health workshops, watched documentaries, read books, online journals, and even conducted my own research on the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

One summer I had the great opportunity to intern at a nearby sanctuary in Southern California called Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres. Farm Sanctuary rescues and cares for farmed animals, like horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Through this internship, I met and befriended many animal advocates who I’m still great friends with today.

When my internship ended, I continued to be active in helping animals by volunteering and interning at organizations like Animal Protection and Rescue League in San Diego, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles with plans to work at PETA. My dream job came true! I worked with PETA’s youth division, peta2 for about two years. I learned a great deal from this organization and am so grateful to have had that opportunity!

Through these life changing events, I was inspired to create of one of my favorite childhood foods, pizza bagels! It was really very simple. I woke up one morning and announced, “I’m going to make plant-based pizza bagels!” And so I did!